In the smartphone world, the divide between consumer and enterprise users is a vague yet nevertheless meaningful distinction. While the iOS and Android platforms are wildly popular with everyday users, they’re often not a great fit for enterprise environments. BlackBerry once ruled the corporate world but failed to catch on with the general public. That will change once the new BlackBerry Z10 running the BlackBerry 10 OS catches fire. The Z10 and its BB10-equipped siblings are primed to shake up mobile by offering the best of both worlds.

Fresh, Exciting Hardware

The dirty little secret that iPhone fans won’t admit is that Apple is in a rut when it comes to hardware. The Z10, on the other hand, brings some much-needed innovation to the table. Its exterior design is sleek and business-like without being austere and is graced by a crisp 4.2-inch screen. On the inside, it’s got the latest silicon such as a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of Flash memory. An additional 32GB can be added through the microSD card slot.

More Than Enough Default & 3rd-Party Apps

At present, BlackBerry World has over 100,000 excellent apps that run the gamut from remote collaboration programs to games like Angry Birds. Thanks to a concerted effort by BlackBerry to port applications to the new BB10 OS, all of the software bases are covered. There’s also native Facebook and Twitter apps in the BlackBerry Hub, improved versions of BlackBerry Messenger and Calendar, the NFC-enabled BlackBerry Tag and Documents to Go. Whether at work or at play, there’s no shortage of quality apps.

A Bulletproof Operating System

One of the biggest complaints about Android and to a lesser extent iOS is the unpredictable crashes and freezes that come with either platform. With the Z10, users get the benefit of the QNX-based BB10′s rock-solid stability in the field. While the impeccable quality of BlackBerry World’s apps deserves some of the credit for this, the operating system itself is doing the lion’s share of the work. Thanks to its lean, mean profile, it doesn’t tax system resources and makes the Z10 incredibly responsive.

Security & Flexibility

If there’s one thing BlackBerry has always been known for, it’s some of the best web security that can be found on a phone. BB10 as found on the Z10 proves that they haven’t lost any ground in the security arena. More importantly, the Z10 strengthens security by keeping work and play separate. The new BlackBerry Balance allows the Z10 and every other phone running BB10 to function as a consumer device and a productivity tool simultaneously by restricting potentially dangerous apps within certain networks.

Something For Everyone

Setting aside what some of the doubters have been saying about BlackBerry’s long-term prospects, the Z10 is a quiet revelation. It takes pretty much every positive quality of the iPhone as well as many popular Androids and rolls it all up into a unique new device. Best of all, it can function in corporate environments just as well as it can when used out and about in the real world. As a jack of all trades, it occupies a singular place in the mobile pantheon.

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